Sonia Soo Hoo

Saturday 23 November 2019

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The family of the late Sonia Soo Hoo, including her husband Michael Black and their daughters Ciara, Maeve and Catriona - well known to all on Rathlin - have requested that donations in lieu of flowers may be made to Rathlin's Tuesday Club, care of the Rathlin Development & Community Association (RDCA).

The RDCA Committee, on behalf of the Tuesday Club, and the wider Rathlin community would like to express their genuine gratitude for this support and heartfelt condolences to all of Sonia's family.

"Sonia L. Soo Hoo M.D. passed on the 15th October 2019 but Sonia had fallen in love with Rathlin Island, the ancestral home of Michael. It became her spiritual refuge and she spent time every summer on the island.

The Island had a very special place in her heart and she was loved and respected by the islanders. She always wanted to give back to the island and was particularly fond of hearing stories from the elders on the island as they are the ones who keep keep the culture and the historical stories of the Island alive. There is a small health and social care group partly supported by the RDCA who help the seniors with events, trips, and general support and they run the Tuesday Club. The Tuesday Club brings the seniors together so they can socialize and spend some time together and any donations to this group would be greatly appreciated by its members.

About Rathlin Island

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Rathlin Island is an island and civil parish off the coast of County Antrim (of which it is part) in the North of Ireland. The island is six miles long, one mile wide, "L" shaped and home to a steadily increasing population of around 150 people. You learn a bit more about Rathlin here.

About The Tuesday Club

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The Tuesday Club is a senior residents' group that meets weekly on Rathlin Island. The Tuesday Club helps senior citizens meet and connect with other seniors who have common interests in a group setting. Islanders who are living alone, isolated, or prone to loneliness can use the Tuesday Club to find company within each other and other islanders.

The Tuesday Club is to help with the issue of isolation on the Island, isolation has been shown to have a negative cognitive impact on older adults, partly because there is a lack of mental stimulation. An increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia can occur due to isolation. Interaction improves mental stimulation. It doesn’t matter if the event itself isn’t mentally rigorous; the act of meeting new people and participating in activities keeps the mind fresh. A social group like the Tuesday Club, can provide the interaction and community to help prevent many of these dangers.


They need funds for their weekly meet ups and for events like their Christmas Dinner, and any other social events for the Tuesday Club.

Donation Delivery

If you would like to donate to The Tuesday Club in honour of Sonia Soo Hoo please click on the PayPal button below. There you will find the option of making a contribution in her name. All funds will go to the Tuesday Club.

With gratitude and love,

Michael Black and daughters, and Mona and Butch Soo Hoo."

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